Nick Auston

“I am passionate about what I do. I feel fortunate to be doing something I love every working day. I want to make it easy for our client, an enjoyable process in fact. Inside the private world of Interior Design there is much to mystify the lay person. My aim is to simply deliver what the client wants and more, and I take measures to do this in a clear and ethical way.”

Nick’s Mother and Grandmother came from a background in Fashion and Design respectively. Growing up in an environment where Design was the ‘Family Business’ it is perhaps no surprise that Nick made Interior Design his vocation upon leaving school.

Nick’s approach to business stems from his Father, a well respected businessman and philanthropist who devotes much of his time to Charity. Nick has inherited his Father’s sense of values, which are visible in the genuine approach he takes with customers.

Outside of the design world, Nick’s further passions include his wife and two young Daughters, his 1970s & 1980s classic cars, and his ever growing trainer collection.